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Welcome to Turkey!
When Turkish National Soccer Team made Semi Final on World Cup, My mom said I could build a Web site for them. I thought it would be better to make a web site not only for Turkish Soccer Team, but for TURKEY (We also call it Turkiye) and its people. So I'm putting some pictures and favorite things on this site.

About The Picture

It is a book cover! I just finished to read it. My copy is signed by the author of the book!  Do you want a signed copy of it?

Link to the book:

My Favorite Things To Do

I like to play soccer and tennis. I like to taste the cookies when they came from Turkey. Did you hear about Turkish Delight?


There was a tennis tournament at Bayou Bluff Tennis Club on July 2002. I won Girls' 10 singles fifth place and Doubles first place with Jessica.

Bulut Ozturk, my brother and USPTA Tennis Pro, is teaching tennis.

He is also USFF "C" License soccer coach. His U-12 boy team may be a State Champion this year. My older brother, Umut Ozturk, did coach for Biloxi Soccer Organization. His book about soccer (football) will be a best seller:

"Three Lions Roar: A Novel of World Cup 2006" It has paperback and e-book editions.


You can have it at:,,,,,,

Some of My Favorite Soccer Players
Rivaldo, Tommy, Hasan Sas, Rustu Recber and Ilhan Mansiz and now Josh Roark are some of my soccer players. Did you see them during the World Cup? You can read Josh Roark's story for World Cup 2006!


I was born and have been living here more than 10 years. I love here. I never been in Turkey. But, I miss it! I would like to go there one day. Would you like to come with me?

Let's go!

Let's Look At More Pictures